Our fields of activity

- Academic Exchange -

  1. Study trips for students and short term business trips
  2. Holiday camps to learn about the German culture
  3. Music camps and master classes
  4. Organizing concerts
  5. Chinese medicine in Europe
  6. Courses in traditional Chinese calligraphy
  7. Others



- Exhibitors -

  1. Planning of exhibition appearances at trade shows of various industries in Germany,
  2. Preparation of the of the fair appearance, travel planning, contact with the organizers, journalists and authorities,
  3. Summary of the trade show activity and qualified feedback after the fair
  4. Clarifying all related matters
  5. Translation of product papers
  6. Interpreting at the booth and product presentation
  7. Assistance in meetings with business partners
  8. Others



- Business development -

  1. Target group identification
  2. Product Development
  3. Business Marketing and Negotiations



- Other projects and customized services -


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